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Industry leading products with the finest quality in the market.
made of various materials such as PP, biodegradable plastics and paper.
compliant with the highest food safety standards and regulations.
all from our own GFSI certified factories under our rigorous quality control.

PE-Laminated Paper



3001896d23af47a9267227588ea95d83_1628655251_6222.pngFeatures : 

89c02d3629bb70e989a1e836d6ab5770_1695087415_5728.png This wrapping paper is laminated with thin PE-layer
89c02d3629bb70e989a1e836d6ab5770_1695087415_5728.png In continuous belt type to be used for automatic application
89c02d3629bb70e989a1e836d6ab5770_1695087415_5728.png In continuous belt type with perforation
89c02d3629bb70e989a1e836d6ab5770_1695087415_5728.png Separately cut one by one
89c02d3629bb70e989a1e836d6ab5770_1695087415_5728.png Available with all types of straws such as U-shaped, I-shaped and telescopic straws
89c02d3629bb70e989a1e836d6ab5770_1695087415_5728.png Printing on the wrapper

Two options :
- Opaque Paper
- Translucent Paper