We value business ethics and the global environment.

Seoil is one of the most renowned global leaders of eco-friendly drinking straws, made from paper or bio-materials, while still servicing conventional plastic straw markets. Even while the market for straws was focused on plastic, Seoil was developing eco-friendly straws, adopting innovative ideas and looking at alternative sustainable materials. The eco-friendly straw market has now expanded dramatically and Seoil, by designing and producing its own straw-making machines, has been able to rapidly scale up its production capacity for paper straws, currently supplied from four of our production units, to meet this growing global demand and will keep expanding the production capacity to retain the position of world leader in the paper straw business.
Seoil was established in 1979 as a straw manufacturer and with innovative technologies and manufacturing experience was able to grow rapidly from its 1st factory in Korea to become the leader in this specialized field, now with 8 factories in Korea, Indonesia, the U.S.A., China and Turkey, with sales offices in Japan and the U.K. Seoil’s focus on technical innovation has resulted in many of product patents, and the development of our own custom designed straw-making machines, giving Seoil total control of all aspects of our straw production.
Each Seoil factory strictly complies with identical quality standards. This is done equally by applying the same production process and specifications at all Seoil production sites. With multiple factories, we can easily switch where the supplies come from should an event restrict supply from one of our locations
In addition to straw production, in 2017 Seoil launched the production of PET and ice cups to break into new markets and create a new and exciting challenge.