Our products are

Industry leading products with the finest quality in the market.
made of various materials such as PP, biodegradable plastics and paper.
compliant with the highest food safety standards and regulations.
all from our own GFSI certified factories under our rigorous quality control.




3001896d23af47a9267227588ea95d83_1628658344_4182.pngPRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Compact in size and retractable like a telescope when folded

Periscopic straw is similar to Telescopic straw but has a set of corrugations on the upper part

Various lengths, diameters and colors available

Straw application with hot melt glue or double-sided adhesive tape depending on the package type

Applicable to diverse types of packages

'Stopper’ that fastens inner and outer straws tightly when in use

Etiquette function is available to eliminate any slurping noise when drinking