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made of various materials such as PP, biodegradable plastics and paper.
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U&Z Straws



3001896d23af47a9267227588ea95d83_1628658092_5387.pngPRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Plastic drinking straws are still widely used throughout the world and are fully recyclable, providing they are disposed of properly. 

U-straw has a set of corrugations which makes it bendable, allowing  a longer straw to be applied to the side of a smaller drink package. U-straw was invented by Seoil.

Z-straw is a U-straw with an additional set of corrugations. This enables ease of drinking and prevents the package contents siphoning up the straw and spilling. Z-straw was invented by Seoil as well.

U-straw and Z-straw are the most cost effective and easiest solution to apply various shapes and sizes of straws on to single portion drink packages.

Various length, diameter and colors available Straw application with hot melt glue or double-sided adhesive tape depending on the package type Thicker straw for more durable straw hole on the package is available